Buy Bitcoin and 30+ Altcoins with Your Credit or Debit Card

No cash? No machines? No worries!
Instantly buy Bitcoin and over 30 other digital currencies with your credit or debit card, right here, right now! All you need is your card and a digital wallet address.

Buy Bitcoin and Crypto

Coinwell buy bitcoin

Book a Consultation

Looking to learn more about Bitcoin? Have questions about Blockchain or wallet security? Want to book an appointment with a Bitcoin Specialist? Our team at Coinwell is more than happy to help! Choose your nearest location and book an appointment today. Can’t visit our office? We offer remote consultations!


Coinwell buy bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin In Person

Minimum Purchase: $5,000 | Maximum Purchase: NO LIMIT

If you prefer to chat with a human, face to face, during the process Coinwell has you covered! Simply Click Here to find your nearest location.

Coinwell ATM

Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs by Coinwell are the fastest and safest way to buy Bitcoin. They are the only way that you truly are receiving bitcoin instantly for your cash payment. Please click here to see the ATM nearest to you. Note: Please insert a minimum $20 bill before proceeding with your transaction.

Verify your identity before going to the machine – Click Here

Coinwell buy bitcoin

Paysend® e-Transfer

Minimum Purchase: $150 | Maximum Purchase: $500/transaction

Buy crypto using Paysend e-Transfer to simplify your purchase, easy and direct.

Buy BTC/BCH with Paysend e-Transfer


Coinwell buy bitcoin

Rise Wallet Gift Cards

Minimum Purchase :$25 | Maximum Purchase NO LIMIT

The Bitcoin Gift Card is perfect for office parties, birthdays, and stocking stuffers, this gift is sure to peak people’s interest by giving them their very first bitcoin or adding to their already existing holdings. Best of all, this could be the gift that keeps on giving as we head into the next bitcoin bull market.


Coinwell buy bitcoin

Bank Transfer

Minimum Purchase :$1,000 | Maximum Purchase NO LIMIT

We can set up a PAD (Pre-Authorized Debit) as a one-time or recurring basis for you to buy bitcoin with USD (United States dollars) coming directly from your bank. These transfers typically take 2-3 business days and your rate is locked in as soon as we initiate the transfer. We then send the funds as soon as we get them from your bank

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