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Coinwell Bitcoin remote work

A Meta Consequence of Remote Work

The digital age is creating new work styles that conflict with the management styles from the post industrial and early information age. Remote work is an example of a paradigm shift that is here to stay. And because it’s here to stay, it’s important to look down the road at some of the meta consequences of remote work. For example: how might society change as a result of large scale and prolonged remote work? At a high level, it sets society on a collision course between past and future needs. Here’s how. Look ahead 6 to 12 months. Remote work has scaled across organizations on a permanent basis. Hybrid office models have rolled out and workers only appear in the office several times a week. While more traditional workstyles are held onto by managers that believe productivity is lost by remote teams. Simultaneously, the pandemic lockdown policies are rolling back. It may not be the same lifestyle from before the pandemic, but it’s much closer to the true quality of life that people can expect. And that means these new workstyle models will reap the full benefits that remote work can offer. But now that life is returning to normal, …

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Coinwell Bitcoin cyber attack

The Rising Geopolitical Threat – Economic Damage by Cyber Attack

The economic damage caused by cyber attacks in the Digital Age is becoming a geopolitical fault line. In time, cyber attacks will lead to kinetic warfare because of the increasing amount of collateral damage they cause. In this article, I cover why digital attacks are becoming more impactful, including examples of recent events that showcase modern impacts of cyber attacks, and I’ll prescribe some immediate solutions society should adopt. The bottom line: Cyber attacks are becoming a digital age fault line and require a modern and digitally native approach to security. The sooner these attacks are viewed from a digital age lens the more likely it is the world avoids physical conflict. National Infrastructure is Vulnerable to Digital Attacks Governments don’t need to resort to kinetic warfare to harm a geopolitical rival. Instead, they can use cyberattacks to economically cripple an enemy. Cyber attacks are effective weapons because modern infrastructure is increasingly integrated with digital systems. “A cyberattack is a malicious and deliberate attempt by an individual or organization to breach the information system of another individual or organization. Usually, the attacker seeks some type of benefit from disrupting the victim’s network.” Source: Cisco – What are the Most Common …

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Coinwell Bitcoin bitcoin

Why Bitcoin Will Stop The Biggest Heist In Human History

Time Travelling Thieves Here’s a cool idea for a movie: Crimi­nals from the past get their hands on a time machine that lets them travel to the present to steal money which they then take back to the past. Their victims are helpless to stop them. The crimi­nals can’t be prose­cuted or sued by the victims because they exist only in the victims’ past. Another cool twist is this: the victims wouldn’t remember they’d ever even had that money in the first place. They’d just be poorer by the amount that was stolen from them. But the victims would know they had been robbed because the crooks left a mark so obvious that the only possible expla­na­tion is that someone in the past had stolen this money. Everyone would know that they had money stolen from them because they each owed money for things they never bought or agreed to buying. They simply found themselves owing money for something that was consumed before they were even born. It there­fore had to be that someone in the past bought something they were now on the hook for. Ready to have your mind blown? This money stealing time machine and the crooks who use it exist in real life. …

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Coinwell Bitcoin new beginnings

New Beginnings

I quit my job to start a media company covering the Digital Age and how its creating a new class of people. The Sovereign Individual class. Why did I do this? Because I’ve learned that I’m not alone in believing that our modern societal narratives are breaking down. We are living through a paradigm shift. The choices we make to lead fulfilling lives are evolving. The communal expectations and institutions that shape our lives and actions are becoming obsolete in the face of our changing society. As industrial and early information age narratives break down, there is a need to explain what’s happening as the world moves deeper into the Digital Age. How will this transition impact all of society moving forward? How do our choices change in an increasingly Digital World? Do we teach our children different skills? Should we seek out remote work? If we do work remotely, how might we reevaluate our living situations? When you combine the emergence of transformative digital technologies of the past decade, it’s not hard to see that the world is accelerating into a timeline of sweeping change. And these changes are consequential for how we live. This brief essay explains what …

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Coinwell Bitcoin global network value

Global Network Value In the Digital Age

Think of the digital age as the Networked age. In this age, the creation of global network value is what will drive economic growth for the foreseeable future. The Digital Age values anything and everything that expands the globally connected network of people, products, and services. If you want to profit from the expansion of the Digital Age, you must understand the mechanisms driving network value. Understanding the value drivers of this age requires an understanding of Metcalf’s Law. The value of a network is proportional to the square of the connected users. This means that in the Digital Age, the larger your network access, the greater your ability to accumulate value. To that end – in this Digital Age, to build wealth and gain influence, your goal should be to embrace anyone and anything that can expand your network. The people that promote you and your work are valuable to you. The people and advertising mechanisms that can extend your reach are valuable to you. Most importantly, your ability to create ways of gathering, organizing, and retaining your network into communities is what will drive value on a personal level. In the Digital Age, the most important network nodes …

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Coinwell Bitcoin lifestyle investment

Why Lifestyle Investment Strategies Should Constantly Evolve

Most people use a simple and straightforward approach to investing. They assume it’s simply a means to prepare for retirement. But really investing is a delicate balancing act that should change according to your lifestyle needs. A Sovereign Individual uses lifestyle investment strategies as a means to support freedom of choice and self sufficiency. They use investing as a way to cultivate the life they want to live. Unlike retirement investing, lifestyle investment strategies require constant adaptation and need to evolve according to short, medium, and long term goals. For example, a Sovereign Individual approaches short to medium term investing as a way to angel invest in themselves. They invest in growth assets to build a fund that can be used to start or buy an income stream. It helps create a multiple income portfolio. But angel investing in yourself is more complicated than outlining the purpose of separate investment funds. Unlike retirement planning, your short term goals frequently shift and when they do, so too should your investment strategies. If you don’t shift your investment strategies according to your needs, you won’t be able to effectively use those funds to pay for the lifestyle you’re pursuing. Here’s what you …

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Coinwell Bitcoin hard decisions

A Guide to Making Hard Decisions

Making hard decisions requires us to take a leap of faith. It’s a leap of faith when a decision takes us from a place of comfort and puts us into unfamiliar situations. And this type of leap of faith impacts our state of mind. Both before taking the leap and after we’ve made the decision. Many times, when faced with a hard decision, we can become paralyzed trying to think the possible outcomes. When faced with a tough choice, you’ve likely thought it through to infinite conclusions. An attempt to understand the worse case outcomes. What if I make the wrong choice? Making hard decisions creates a mental fatigue that slows us down and makes life more challenging. And constantly battling tough choices is mentally exhausting. This mental fatigue is what fuels anxiety. A fear of future actions. I don’t know what to do. Some simple examples from everyday life: breaking up with a significant other. You likely don’t want to hurt the person and it’s hard to throw yourself back into the dating pool. Your mind fills with “what if” scenarios. These “what if” thoughts slow and delay the inevitable decision. Stay or go? Maybe I’ll give it more …

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