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An awesome set of liberty-themed books for kids. Highly Recommended!

The Tuttle Twins


Swan Bitcoin – The Best Way to DCA

Lolli – Earn Bitcoin Back on Purchases

Bluewallet – The Best Software Wallet

Read these Books:

*The Bitcoin Standard – Economics

*Inventing Bitcoin – Light Tech & Economics

Thank God for Bitcoin – Spiritual/Ethical

Grokking Bitcoin – Technical

Grokking Bitcoin

Bitcoin Money – Kids Book


The Bullish Case for Bitcoin – Most Important

Everyone’s a Scammer

Modeling Bitcoin Value with Scarcity

Saifedean Ammous at Bitcoin Austria (fast-forwarded to start of Lecture)


Clark Moody Dashboard


Bitcoin Audible – Important Articles and Books

Stephan Livera Podcast – The Best Podcast

The Noded Bitcoin Podcast – Also the Best

Privacy Rules for Newbs:

Don’t do a lot of talking to other people about Bitcoin.

Never tell people how much you own.

Don’t do a lot of Google searches about Bitcoin.

More to follow…

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