Coinwell Coinwell Mission

Coinwell Mission

Making Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies easy to buy, store and leverage.

Coinwell offers convenient and secure online and in-person solutions to help you buy and sell your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We want to help you discover the benefits of using cryptocurrencies by making it easier for you to buy, store, borrow against and use in the same way that you’re currently using cash.

Coinwell is on a mission to become the industry leader and trusted voice in Bitcoin transactions and education. In 2022, we anticipate becoming the first publicly traded and fastest growing Bitcoin Savings Plan company in the United States.

Our mission is to shift the relationship that society has with money by offering an ecosystem of products and services that make bitcoin accessible and understood.

“My goal is to bring Bitcoin further into the mainstream and educate everyday people about the benefits of decentralized currency” shares Brian MacDonald, Founder & COO of Coinwell. “This is exactly the platform I wish I had access to when I first started to explore and learn about Bitcoin.”

Our ecosystem includes the following 3 pillars:

Pillar 1 | Non-Custodial Financial Services
Pillar 2 | Technology Development
Pillar 3 | Education

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Our Vision

A world where future generations have a healthy relationship with money and are empowered to take control of their well-th by accessing bitcoin with the same convenience as modern banking.

Co-Founder, Brian MacDonald

Coinwell Coinwell Mission
Founder Brian MacDonald and Wife Stephi in Kauai

Brian began his own journey in the ATM industry straight out of college when he helped a good friend run a network of 200 machines. Years later, his curiosity with Bitcoin began when the currency started to take the spotlight in mainstream media. When he realized how difficult it was to acquire and navigate, he quickly realized a gap in the market and set out on a journey to make Bitcoin more approachable and easy to access.

In early 2020, he deployed the first Bitcoin ATM for Coinwell in California and set out to create a vertically integrated company focused on the Bitcoin industry. Since then, he continues to teach people and make Bitcoin easier to buy and hold.

His goals are to inspire our team to “do our best and forget the rest” and to create the guiding purpose and “algorithmic agenda” for our technology development so we can leave a positive legacy for future generations.

Follow Brian on LinkedInTwitterYouTube and Github.

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Our Team

Brian MacDonald, CEO

Brian MacDonald

Founder / COO

BMAC is a well-established business operations executive and digital marketer for 12+ years. His style of coaching and leading by example inspires people to perform their best.

Founder / CTO

Founder / CEO

Marketing Manager

Full Stack Developer

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